16 November 2018

C'mon Ron... pull the other one

Apparently Toronto Police are too timid to use the "B" word...most wanted

“We’re upset as everyone is in these communities to see the level of violence that’s taking place and the total disregard for innocent victims by the shooters,” Taverner said in an interview. “We need the help of the public. When they know of people who have guns or they know of people who are involved in shootings, they need to come forward.”


dmorris said...

The LPC government and the RCMP,along with several provincial and city governments are determined to do a massive legal gun grab/theft. The report still isn't finalized as they are pretending to do some research.

If their research WAS real, first item would be to seize the guns on the Indian rez's aka First Nations where gun violence is way beyond the Rest of Canada.

The RCMP claim they have to steal handguns and "assault rifles",which essentially means any semi-auto in the name of public safety.

It's the long awaited UN Gun Grab,which we knew would be coming here,especially with a PM whose loyalty is first to the UN,then the LPC,then the Laurentian Elite, and LAST and certainly least,ordinary law abiding Canadian citizens.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... the "irregular" firearms enthusiasts.

how exactly does taking away my guns stop inner-city
"black on black" crime?

it's like trying to stop drunk driving by banning