21 November 2018

Of course, if you spank your kids...

...the CAS will take them away from you...insert alt text here

"The historic case involves minor girls from Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota, including some who cried, screamed and bled during the procedure and one who was given Valium ground in liquid Tylenol to keep her calm, court records show."
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
“Are we going to draw the line at female genital mutilation, or are we going to ignore this and draw the line at child brides? Or domestic violence? Or throwing gays off of buildings? When are we going to draw the line? This is the place where we need to make our stand.”
In other quaint cultural rituals news...
"One person suffered life-threatening stab wounds and at least five others were injured after audience members charged the stage and brawls broke out during rapper Pusha T's concert in Toronto Tuesday night. Videos show audience members throwing drinks at one of the performers before part of the crowd jumps a barrier and rushes onto the stage."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ====== the followers of islam are vile uncivilized animals.

Neo Conservative said...

i just want to know what medical
school advocates and teaches this