19 November 2018

Say, Chief... how about you tell us...

...a little bit more about the makeup of these violent gangs...most wanted

"Gang violence is at root of record number of slayings this year, Police Chief Mark Saunders says."
Just spitballin' here, but I'm gonna guess none of this years shooters, or shootees were on the University of Toronto debate team.

And, curiously, seems it's always the guys with the way cool street names who get lit up...
Residents say the Toronto Community Housing building is a violent drug den, where they live with bed bugs and homeless squatters defecate in stairwells. The murdered man, who went by the nickname Gucci, was involved in drugs.
Yesssirrreee... it's a mystery...
Less than three weeks before Neeko Mitchell was shot to death outside a Rexdale community centre, a rap video appeared on YouTube. It featured the man accused of ordering his murder boasting his “goons shoot when I say so.”

UPDATE: Dunkley goes down...
Toronto gang leader and rapper Jermainee Dunkley, 34, sobs after jury convicts him of first-degree murder. Dunkley's legal troubles are not over. Last year, police in Hamilton charged Dunkley with first-degree murder in a 12-year-old case.
Oh, Jermaine... they love crybabies in federal slam.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ==== time to bring back the death penalty.

Neo Conservative said...

i'd settle for modifying the current
"catch & release" program that
so many judges in canada seem to have