05 November 2018

From the self-same folks...

...who gave Omar Khadr $10,000,000...insert alt text here

OTTAWA — The federal government says it shortchanged hundreds of thousands of veterans and their survivors over seven years, and is preparing to compensate them a total of $165 million.

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Anonymous said...

old white guy says ===== they will have to borrow the money. OT here, just watching CTV trash Trump and the republicans. 5 am where I am. You would think the socialist fools at CTV were shilling for the democrats. What bunch of fools.

Neo Conservative said...

heard the cbc talking about
"irregular border crossers"
the other day.

the lefty media is all in.


4rank said...

The Ontario Federation of Labour donated 53,000.00 to Khadr’s legal defence fund