13 November 2018

The end of an era

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Harley’s longtime bread and butter has been Baby Boomers, those who grew up enamored with the outlaw image to the point that they were willing to spend $20,000 or more on the bikes and leather
to live out that image.

But the Boomers are getting older, increasingly physically unable to ride or dying out entirely.
Of course, there's always this.


some Randy guy said...

It doesn't look like a Harley. It doesn't sound like a Harley. With that high center of gravity it won't ride like a Harley, down low and with perfect balance. There's a reason why all the rice grinders build imitation Harleys. You'll never see one of those underneath me or in my garage.

Neo Conservative said...

but, but, but... we have to save
the polar bears and the whales.