27 November 2018

Tougher Love

Call the tune... pay the piper...

A special team called Scorpion drivers have been trained in tactical contact. The Metropolitan police said there had been a 36% reduction in thefts that involved mopeds or scooters since the tactics were adopted last year.

UPDATE: Ya feelin' lucky, punk?
"Everyone in Britain is loving the police’s latest PR move: ramming criminals as they try to escape on mopeds — then posting the video footage on social media."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,too bad they weren't as aggressive with Islamic criminals.

some Randy guy said...

Do you need special training to knock a motorcyclist off his bike with your car? Some of the most highly trained drivers in the world must be in Toronto.

Neo Conservative said...

it's true... you're risking your life
to try ride a motorcycle through any
part of the slaughter by the water.