17 July 2017

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...poor starving imam

"Imam Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr called Jews 'the worst of mankind' and expressed his hope that Muslims would slaughter them on Judgment Day. The Dar al-Arkam Mosque in Montreal has still yet to apologize for the speech and the original Arabic version of the sermon remains posted to the mosque’s YouTube channel."
Postscript... looks like that whole "Israelis starving the Palestinians to death" trope just took a big hit, too!


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devout...there's no such animal as "Islamic terrorism"...
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a gender-segregated mosque Monday morning whose imam is a member of a group considered a terrorist organization abroad."
A vote is a vote, right Justy?


Bill Elder said...

I still stand by conviction this fool will be a one term wonder or leading a shaky minority government and having to blow ndp communists instead of Saudi bankrollers to keep his Sunni waze ass in power and avoid indictments for conspiracy.

Neo Conservative said...

i believe papineau, pm selfie's riding is both the poorest and most muslim per capita riding in canada.

there's method in his madness.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........there is no cure for Canada as the people are far too stupid to do anything rational and sensible.