10 July 2017

Cop-killings were "justified?"

Dallas, TX – Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price voted to oppose a resolution to honor murdered police officers, blaming police officers for the assassinations.

The Wednesday vote was supposed to be largely ceremonial, but gained unexpected opposition as Commissioner John Wiley Price argued that law enforcement should not be honored, according to Fox4.

Price said that ‘unjust police violence’ was the cause of the terrorist attacks against law enforcement, according to Fox4.

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COAL CITY – Coal City Police Chief Collin Turner surprised many at last night’s city council meeting when he announced that he intended to hire only white officers to fill the department’s vacant position.

“Coal City’s population is almost all white,” Turner explained, “yet three of our six patrol officers are racial minorities.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I see a future of unemployment for a commissioner.

Frances said...

The commissioner should be transferred to the police service, and be sent out on patrol alone.

Neo Conservative said...

this is texas... how is this guy still in office?


Exiled Maritimer said...

Dateline: April 1
Halfway through before I checked it. Good one

Neo Conservative said...

i guess the tip-off should be...

“Basically, what happened last round of hiring is that the top three scoring applicants were all Asian, which resulted in us hiring an Asian officer. We can’t risk a repeat of that, so we are implementing the ‘rule of ten’ to give the Chief more discretion. We are confident that anybody in the top ten will still be qualified.”


Bill Elder said...

Maybe the real problem is not having an adequate civil or legal system to hold police accountable when they do abuse their authority - that particularly include the brass.