15 July 2017

Feminism... The Final Frontier

Please tell me these freaks are not procreating...great balls of, uh... nevermind

"Pets cannot speak for themselves. They cannot tell you that they are being misgendered. It’s important not to make assumptions about what gender your animal is based off of its sex."
I'm guessing the bills from the pet psychiatrist are the least of the problem.


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Frances said...

Most pets I meet are "it".

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............yep, another day and another stupidity. I think the last days are upon us. holy sh it.

Bill Elder said...

Do we really have to say this it's so obvious - I guess we do because it is so hard to wake a zombie nation to the fact so-called "feminism" (and PC and Multicult and diversity and gender politics and race shaming) is being used as a political cloak to normalize manifest insanity in the public policy dialogue.

An insanity such as this under discussion, legitimized, becomes policy and policy becomes law so in a natural chain of events it's safe to assume at some future date you could face incarceration for mis-gendering your pooch. Don't laugh...we laughed when sodomites wanted to pervert the normative hetero institution of marriage, now you do jail time if you refuse to recognize same sex couple's reproductive rights.

The only rational explanation for why MSM or politicians would want the public so confused about what constitutes reality would be that the culture they support/represent exists on lies and a deluded public is much easier to control thn an informed public in a dystopian despotism.

It seems the moonbats of the world are writing the new rule of law in a regressive Marxist Bizzaro dytopia.

Neo Conservative said...

more amusement via kate at sda...

"The reason VIA Rail doesn’t conduct Syrian diplomacy, or why the RCMP’s Musical Ride doesn’t make nuclear isotopes, is because these things are outside of their mandates."