05 July 2017

Feeling safer yet?

"The court also rejected Mohamed Mahjoub's previous requests to visit gun stores, shooting clubs or internet cafes."

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“I can tell you I can certainly think of more worthy causes to use more than $10-million for,” said former Conservative defence minister Julian Fantino. “Just think of what that money could do to help our veterans and their families who actually served the country.”

Someone like wounded Canadian Afghanistan veteran Bruce Moncur who received just $22,000 for losing part of this brain. Another wounded veteran, Paul Franklin, got $276,000 for losing both limbs.

And how much does Wounded Warriors Canada — which supports veterans who lost body parts or suffer from PTSD — receive from the government?

Zero,” said executive director Scott Maxwell.
Apparently, it's the squeaky Muslim that gets the Liberal party grease.


Unknown said...

In any sane world (not this one, apparently) awarding this miscreant with money from the Canadian people's pocket would never happen.

Is it only Trudeau bringing this upon us, or is it that Canadians at large have lost their sense of right and wrong, as well as all common sense? Contact your MP if you think this is insanity!!!

Neo Conservative said...

"jack allore asks... or is it that Canadians at large have lost their sense of right and wrong"

i think electing the paris hilton of canadian politics tells us the mindset of the average voter.

his riding of papineau has the highest per-capita percentage of muslims in canada... i'm sure this one went over well there.