04 July 2017

Nurturing those important relationships...

...it's what he does best...insert alt text here

"No, Mr. Prime Minister. Clearly, we aren’t all Canadians. This country has an ugly history of disregarding and disenfranchising the collective spirit of the Albertan people. For too long, they have been ignored by Ottawa, despite being integral to the beautiful tapestry of the nation which our dear leader claims to love to fervently.

When will it end, Mr. Prime Minister? When will you acknowledge that Albertans are treated like second-class citizens in our society?"

BONUS ROUND: Being Justin Trudeau...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is “jealous” of immigrants to Canada and their families, who, he said, have more of a stake in the country than others.
Not like ordinary bullshit Canadians, huh?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............those who hyphenate their citizenship are not Canadians.

jan scheit said...

Well, you know, when you're on the side of allowing terrorists to keep their Canadian citizenship it's not "default Canadians" who take this country for granted.

And, you know, when you unilaterally declare Canada to be a "Post-Nationalist" country it's not the "default Canadians" who take this country for granted.

And probably, maybe even very probably, when you sell-off strategic assets to the Chinese without a security revue and you audaciously forget Alberta on Canada's 150th birthday it's likely not "default Canadians" who take this country for granted.

The Prime Minister is a putz.

Neo Conservative said...

"jan scheit says... it's likely not "default Canadians" who take this country for granted."

except for pierre-lite, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Just who IS running this country, right now? I watch all the bobble heads in his Cabinet mouthing all their talking points on certain subjects,(like "post national country" et al...was it part of his platform?, globull warming, foreign abortion funding, shipping scads of cash we don't have to points outside of canada & Canadians who rightfully should have the benefits of said expenditures)as if they were their original thoughts & think...BS. Someone else is pulling the strings here, these guys don't have the intellect to come up with some of the stuff they say or do. Justhtin in particular. "Globull Affairs"....really? Rather pretentious don't'cha think? More like SOROS Affairs.

Are they quoting from a script prepared by someone else or group, like say Marxist-Leninists? Some of this stuff is from the 60's when I was doing Uni. Do they even reside in this country? Might it be a script prepared by Trudeau senior & brought to light when Justhtin reached the Big Chair? When PM, break glass, read contents. Activate.

It's becoming right out of a Get Smart comedy, if it wasn't so seriously detrimental to Canadians & this country. Where are the Cons on all this? They can't articulate some kind of rebuttal to any of this? Hopefully the Khader Kash might motivate them to express the collective outrage of probably a majority of Canadians who don't think that they live in a border-less, post-national thingamajig, with 57 varieties of sexual expression.

Any thoughts?

Neo Conservative said...

electing the knucklehead celebutard progeny of former politicians instead of actual intelligent, articulate individuals is almost always a bad idea.

that's my thought.