03 July 2017

Just think of it as a metaphor...

...for Librano governance...liar,liar

"I stood in a line for three hours to get on the Hill, where the police officer told us to line up, just to be told at the other end by another police officer that that line was closed now and go wait somewhere else for five hours. No thanks."
You give away free hot dogs and put up an inflatable gorilla, shit's gonna go down!

And thank goodness our moral & intellectual superiors were there to keep us on the right side of the line...
Canada Day was indistinguishable from the CBC itself, the state celebrating the state broadcaster with hours of bloviating self-congratulation, cloying interviews with hapless children and adults terrifyingly well-schooled in correct answering.

"Too bad they aren't this thorough at the immigration office."

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While thousands have flocked to the Redpath Waterfront Festival over Canada Day weekend to catch a glimpse of attractions like the giant rubber duck making a splash at Toronto’s harbourfront, many visitors and locals say trash has overshadowed the festival’s success.

Trash is piling up faster than it can be collected. “This is inexcusable, unacceptable.”
Much like Toronto's 20 hour a day rush hour... you'll just have to get used to it.


Bill Elder said...

"Long security lines to get onto the Hill left many people huddled together for several hours."

Too bad they aren't this thorough at the immigration office.

Neo Conservative said...

the liberals can't even organise a one day celebration, why does anyone expect them to run an entire country.

broken election promises, taking on massive debt... pierre-lite has been a disaster.