18 July 2017

2017 North American Indigenous Games

Cultural appropriation alert!!!let the games beginIn addition to the expected, predictable archery and canoeing events... there is, apparently... imagine my surprise... golf AND rifle shooting.

CBC, however... has decided to stick to broadcasting traditional indigenous pursuits so as not to offend the usual snowflakes.


I have to ask about the picture... did they paint Justin's face just so they could laugh at him?


UPDATE: While CBC does archery & canoes...

"Kulluayuk Koperqualuk represented P.E.I. in rifle shooting competition at the North American Indigenous Games in Toronto this week."


Bill Elder said...

Sheesh, you're right - where's the lacrosse matches and making war on the neighboring tribe events - the moose drowning contest and the beaver skinning event - trade goods bartering competition and injun-giver treaty signing ceremonies - I'm disappointed all these events are euro-centric and run for white urban libtards who still are wallowing in the Paul Kane noble Savage delusions of 3 centuries ago.

It's like no one at CBC has left the house to check on things for a long time.

Neo Conservative said...

golf and thundersticks, my friend... the new aboriginal.