17 July 2017

Just try spanking your kids...

...and see if the Children's Aid Society don't try to snatch them away from you, but...insert alt text here

"In one example, a family might tell their children they are going on vacation to Australia, but instead, according to the documents, they travel to a small, remote village in Somalia for the girls to be cut."
So how many prosecutions for female genital mutilation have there been in Justin Trudeau's post-national state?
"While there is some progress being made, Canada’s efforts fall short of what other countries are actively doing. There has never been a criminal conviction for female genital mutilation in Canada."

UPDATE: Scotland... a haven for mutilation?
According to the paper, it has been claimed that people from England and across Europe have traveled to Scotland to have their daughters mutilated as the nation has been seen as a “soft touch” on the issue.
Surprise, surprise, look who's actually doing something about this horrific problem...
In France, more than 100 people were jailed for FGM by 2014, thanks to a “zero tolerance” approach to the crime.


Anonymous said...

if having a stranger mutilate your childrens genitals in unsafe unsanitary conditions isn't child abuse, pray tell what is?
Seems to me there was a Liberal cabinet minister who mused about having the mutilation done in our hospitals, paid for by MSP cause it would be "safer".
Liberals the party of Multicult cause it is 1720 AD

Neo Conservative said...

someone should ask prime minister selfie how he would feel about having his daughters lives "improved" by having this procedure.