27 December 2017

Because it's 2017... right?

Orwell was right... some animals are more equal than others...

A pay hike for female faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University, made in the name of all that is sacred — fairness for women — has created a brand new wage inequity.

In the small finance group at the university’s business and economics school, for instance, the two women who were hired at the same time as male colleagues and paid the same, received a raise of about $6,000 each, leaving the 13 men far behind.

The joint university/faculty committee that purported to find evidence of systemic wage discrimination had no male faculty members. Interestingly, three of the female members were associate professors and one a full professor, meaning they were among the beneficiaries of their own work.

"Think of it as danger pay. They never know when someone is going to jump out at them with a differing opinion."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............classic, what is right for me is not right for thee. economics or equality has squat to do with it.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently the patriarchy must be punished... again and again and...


Unknown said...

We all learned from the Pigs of Animal Farm; First all the Two Legged Creatures except those with Wings were to be destroyed. Two Legs BAD! Four Legs Good. The Horse with all the Muscles was especially Good because He would always work hardest. Then about the time the Pigs were standing on their Hind Legs alone the Horse became very Old and could not work anymore.

I think he went to a glue factory or some such.

Now if in the Time of barbaric "islamic gender apartheid"; Phyllis Chesler published 2017; We deplorable Change Pigs for Trudeuce/Liberalism - then Two Legs will represent the Female Gender. The Old Horse as representing The Central Canada Media Bias for Trudeuce/Liberal Party Governance; then when the Unassimilable barbaric "islamic gender apartheid control of the Voting; then rather than having a the Old Horse being sent off to a glue factory The Trudeace/Libralism will be so dependent on the Barbaric islamic Culture Just in will be initiating the Dress Codes for Canadian Women. Hijabs to begin with?

Jay Harper said...

Think of it as danger pay. They never know when someone is going to jump out at them with a differing opinion.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... danger pay. you may be on to something.

they certainly see themselves as noble warriors.