04 December 2017

Forget about who shot him says CBC...

...let's talk racist paramedics... who allegedly had to be talked into taking Yosif Al-Hasnawi into hospital rather than applying a bandaid and sending him on his way...
Witnesses including a local Muslim leader say paramedics told a dying man he was shot by a pellet gun and merely acting injured before he died in hospital less than an hour later.

"Paramedics kept on telling us that this man is acting," Al-Jalili said. "We argued with them and insisted on taking him to the hospital."
Now, are they saying this is a paramedic issue, or Hamiltonians in general?

What exactly is the incentive to leave a man who has been shot lying bleeding in the street? Just spitballin' here, but I'm thinking that might be a bit of a stain come performance review time.
"They treated him poorly," Amin Al-Tahir, a director at the Al-Mostafa Islamic Centre, said. "From the time they received the call to the time they got to the hospital, you will find it is unbelievable."
Well, you've got me there, Amin. Let's hear some more...
"I saw my son thrown on the sidewalk and paramedics telling him ‘stop acting,’” Majed Al-Hasnawi said. “The same guy asked me ‘tell him he’s ok, he has no problem.’ I said ‘no, no – there is probably interior bleeding.’ It’s just common sense, you know?"

Another bystander said paramedics threw the dying boy onto a stretcher like “baggage.”

“We begged him – ‘please send him to hospital.’ But he didn’t care.”
Hmmm... everybody in the world has a smart phone now... let's see the cellphone videos... because what this Muslim crowd is describing is tantamount to homicide.


UPDATE: Unleash the Kracken!
Hamilton's paramedic service Monday announced it would launch an investigation. An investigation will also be conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
How long before PM Selfie issues an official apology to the Islamic community?


UPDATE2: One as yet unnamed "white guy" in custody...

...another still on the lam...
"The man still at large is described as a white male in his 20s with a medium to darker complexion, black hair and a medium build. His hair was long with a ponytail wrapped at the top of his head. He wore a hood, backpack and jeans."
A "white male with a darker complexion?" Is that anything like "a white Hispanic?" You go CBC!


UPDATE3: Oh... an "aboriginal white man"...

...why didn't you say so?aboriginal white man
"They say a second-degree murder warrant has been issued for Dale Burningsky King, 19, who is alleged to be the shooter. Detectives say he should be considered armed and dangerous."
I guess all us infidels look the same.


UPDATE4: Contrary to an earlier statement...

...father of deceased now says he encountered paramedic at hospital...
In an interview with CTV News, his father Majed Al-Hasnawi called the paramedic he met at hospital "arrogant" and said he believed his son may have been saved with quicker attention.
So, the statement father made earlier about paramedics throwing his son on to the sidewalk... is what?

It's obviously significant that police say no criminal charges will be laid against the medical response team.