26 December 2017

At least as well thought out...

...as any of Justin's other policy initiatives...insert alt text here
VANCOUVER -- A disinterested pharmaceutical industry and the conundrum of finding a convincing placebo are just two reasons experts say "there has been little quality research into medicinal marijuana."

"It's already at market so there's really no incentive, or virtually no incentive, for licensed producers to take the money they're generating from the sale of these products and reinvest it in research."
Funny how that worked out.


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The Toronto Transit Commission has decided that "censored" is the eight-letter word it's most comfortable with.

As criticism mounts, the transit provider says that a $500,000 artwork it approved and paid for – one which allows the public to type short messages for display in a new station – cannot be made operational because of fear of hate speech and profanity.