12 December 2017

Just something to think about...

...during that 7 hour wait to see the Emergency Room doctor...willie porno

Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau will explain that he's already earmarked more than $1 billion toward legalization over the next five years, with a focus on areas such as public safety, policing and awareness, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

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EDMONTON -- A man accused of attempted murder after a police officer was hit by a car and stabbed is still waiting for psychiatric assessments due to a critical bed shortage at an Alberta mental hospital.
Gotta have priorities, right?


BDFT said...

Justin's Liberal government can't do anything properly or efficiently and the pot "legalization" debacle is going to be a bigger cluster*** than the gun registry was. Where is all this money going to come from? If you smoke dope you already have a supplier or grow your own. Pot growers and dealers aren't suddenly going to start paying taxes. Their weed will be cheaper and better anyway. When is the last time a government agency did anything better than the private sector?

Neo Conservative said...

right now the government is still struggling with their "upgrade" to the phoenix payroll system.

if you're anticipating a billion dollars of conseequences... government dope may not be as benign as anticipated.