21 December 2017

One dead 5 year-old child...

...we "Deplorables" call that "burying the lede"...usual suspects

Jamal Daniel Todman, 34, told investigators he put the gun, which is registered to his wife, in the glove box and normally locks it.
Boy, that sure sounds like a responsible, upright citi... what the f@ckin' f@ck...
Todman faces charges of negligent storage of a firearm and carrying a concealed firearm by a convicted felon.

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Kavan Collins found the gun under a mattress in an upstairs bedroom and shot himself Tuesday evening in the finger, police said. The boy’s father was taken into custody and was being questioned about how he came to possess a weapon with a defaced serial number.
So, what kind of gun control laws are gonna stop veteran criminals?


BDFT said...

Two more examples from a foreign country for Goodale to use as "reasons we need more gun control in Canada".

Neo Conservative said...

if we take firearms away from farmers, hunters and sport shooters... obviously there will be no more gun crime in canada.