10 December 2017

All this "triggered" argle-bargle...

...is getting out of hand...braindead

Anyway, at some point, Bezan and Romanado posed for a picture with an unidentified third person.

As they did so, Bezan said, “This isn’t my idea of a threesome.”
And, yes... that's all of it. No pussies got grabbed, no penises were exposed. You figure it out.


Anonymous said...

“This isn’t my idea of a threesome.”
Indeed the only word that leaps to my mind is "gruesome"
So what 5 apologies later< Romando is still clutching her pearls and tearing up.
She. Needs. A. Hobby.
Instead she is on him like Oprah on a baked ham.

Neo Conservative said...

just trying to imagine what this fragile litttle snowflake would do with an actual tragedy... like someone in her family coming down with cancer.


Anonymous said...

This little incident is just begging for an application of the Streissand Effect. Do I see a new nickname emerging for this precious creature?