02 December 2017


"You know how it is. You find a gun on the street, you take a few pot shots at some sea lions, and some crazy white chick walks right into your line of fire."

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Malique Ellis, 21, is dead following a shooting in the hallway of an apartment building at Eglinton Avenue and Mason Road, near Markham Road, at around 10:30 a.m. Sunday. Det. Hank Idsinga called the number of shots that were fired “very concerning.”
What are you saying here, Detective... that the first couple of rounds are deductible?


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The discovery of a man’s body in a parked vehicle in Oakville has been ruled a homicide. Police have not made an arrest nor have released information about possible suspects.

UPDATE: Oakville murder victim id'd...

...name ends in a vowel...
A male victim fatally shot in Oakville, has been identified as Dean Costanza, 46, of Oakville, say Halton homicide detectives.
Known to police, as they say.


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The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Yosif Al-Hasnawi of Hamilton, who police say was a student in the medical sciences program at Brock University and was studying to become a doctor one day.
Interestingly, in this particular case, police and media have overcome their usual reluctance to offer descriptions of the suspects...
Police are searching for two suspects, described as white men in their 20s.
You can almost smell the journalism.