21 September 2015

So I'm guessing Plan B...

...is a class action lawsuit against the people who sell such a dangerous, unstable product...cultural genocideToo many malcontents... not enough adult supervision.


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...a little sweat lodge, some healing herbs and he'll be as good as new.


Rich said...

In the link below...start at 33 sec to see the time honoured protest action live...it involves dumping gasoline on a fire straight DOWN out of a can.
Highly effective at getting attention. Two words.... Darwin Award.

There is a 30 sec commercial at the start.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, rich... what's that famous saying... you play with fire, you're gonna get, uh... wealthy... rewarded... marshmallows?

damn, now i'm gonna have to go find my book of quotations.

similarly, one dark night in 1995, brother dudley decided to pick up a tree branch and point it at the opp tactical team like it was a rifle, counting, i guess, on that famous swat team sense of humour about firearms.

the george clan are either the unluckiest people on the plant... or the dumbest.


Anonymous said...

;-() lol

Dollops said...

How long must we put up with the Indian Status smoke? They are just people .. in Canada .. and very lucky that they were swept along in the progress that our assimilated population worked toward. Tell your MP to get us out of this "Indians are special" insanity.

Neo Conservative said...

once again, the soft bigotry of low expectations... we treat the aboriginals like children, as perpetual victims... and, unfortunately, as long as the money continues to flow, they are fine with that.