27 September 2015

Hillary 30,000 - Bill 2

You lie this much... you think you'd be better at it...

"She used a personal email server, she said, because her husband, former President Bill Clinton, had set it up in their house after leaving office."
So what does Monica Lewinsky's old boyfriend have to say?
The former president, who does regularly use Twitter, has sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president, says Matt McKenna, his spokesman.
If Hillary has sent tens of thousands of emails and Bill has sent only two... who was this server set up for?


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Remember how Mrs Bubba's last excuse for using a private email server blew up in her face?
"Associated Press has confirmed Clinton did in fact use multiple devices to conduct her official State Department business, not the one phone she previously claimed."
The truth is, Hillary learned from the master.
"Clinton shared Epstein's plane with Kellen and Maxwell on at least 11 flights in 2002 and 2003—before any of the allegations against them became public—according to the pilots' logbooks, which have surfaced in civil litigation surrounding Epstein's crimes."
What would the Clintons have to do before the media sits up and takes notice?


BREAKING: A terrible, terrible liar
"Hillary Clinton says she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, even certifying that under penalty of perjury to a federal judge in August. Now the AP reports that Obama administration officials have found emails exchanged between Clinton and David Petraeus that she did not turn over."
Will this be the one?