27 September 2015

Canadian Journalism 101

If you have really pretty graphics, who cares if the stupid words are spilled prauperly?

use your wordsAnd don't worry... if you fail J-School, you can always get a Bachelor of Sexual Diversity.



They corrected "clinced" but missed "leage."


Rich said...

Split my gut laughing....at the link, they corrected "clinced" but left "leage" on the page in TWO places as of 1:15 am.

It's over! Yet again part of the incompetence tsunami.

Bombard the yokels with derision....they deserve it....
.....I'd call it BUSH LEAGE. LOL

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... the incompetence tsunami."

apparently you don't need to know how to spell to be a professional journalist in canada.

might explain a few things about the "forget about the facts" rah-rah justin coverage.


Rich said...

Clearly, they need to be told that there is this modern feature on computers called "Spell Check", they would also need detailed instructions as to its use....perhaps with an appropriate Youtube video exploring its intricacies.
PS...on the same page where the poll was found, they have a story where Hajj is spelled as hajj....a sign of disrespect.

Maybe someone will notice that all the brainpower is out surfing that tsunami thingamajig.