04 September 2015

Canuckistan Journalism 101

Like everybody else, I'm sick and tired of the blatantly false propaganda that gets passed off these days as "news."

Lie #1 - Syrian citizens, Turkish beach, dangerous illegal infiltration... let's blame Stephen Harper.
The aunt of the Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach and caused worldwide outrage said Thursday that while she had desperately tried to bring his family to Canada, no formal application to sponsor them as refugees was made on their behalf as had been previously reported.
So, hang on... you "desperately tried" to do this without actually applying for refugee status? You, what... called a "Snakehead?"

Here in Canada we call that "breaking the law."


UPDATE: Yup... they called a Snakehead
The grieving father said he paid smugglers 4,000 euros for the deadly voyage — the money his sister sent to him from Canada.
Which brings us to yet another lie...
Abdullah Kurdi told Die Welt that he does not understand why Canada rejected his application for asylum, although Citizenship and Immigration Canada received no such application from the man.
Abdullah Kurdi isn't even a good liar. Would you want him living next door to you?


Lie #2 - Stephen Harper offered me a bribe.
Reuters reported early Thursday that Kurdi had said Canadian officials offered him citizenship after seeing what happened, but he declined.

But Citizenship and Immigration Canada released a statement Thursday afternoon saying "Canada did not offer citizenship to Mr. Abdullah Kurdi."
So Big Journo yet again slagged the federal government without actually checking the facts. I guess I get it... you've got a picture of a dead kid, you've got to milk it for all its worth.

And guess who just had to pile on?
"Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau has responded to the death of a three-year-old Syrian boy by suggesting the child should have been living in Vancouver and on his way to school this week with his cousins."
Except, of course, that there was no actual application to come to Canada. But heck, that's Justin... he's always saying stupid stuff. Let's ask elder statesman Mulcair...
New Democrats leader Thomas Mulcair was asked similar questions at a separate campaign appearance.

"As a dad and a grandfather, it is just unbearable that we are doing nothing."
Of course, without an actual application, there was nothing to do.

I can't decide who is more reprehensible, the people telling the lies or the people propagating them.

Nope, it's easy... it's the journos who peddle this nonsense.


UPDATE2: We gotta get outta this place
"So in the middle of a war & desperate refuge situation he travels hundreds of Kms, with 2 caskets, to Kobani, no problem."
How soon do you imagine the Canadian media & Tommy Trotsky & Shiny Pony will be apologising to Prime Minister Harper, Minister Alexander and the folks at Foreign Affairs?


LAST WORD: Just when you thought...

...the Liberals couldn't sink any lower...how justin does itDoes Liberal Mark Holland countenance this shameful behaviour?

ps... Butts, Butts... that sounds so familiar.