22 September 2015

Do you believe in Magic?

How about Bigorexia?

Bruce Jenner used surgery and chemicals to turn himself into a facsimile of a woman. He based his decision not on any measurable scientific metric... but a (and let's give him the benefit of the doubt) sincere belief that he is not actually a man. He has since been lauded by some as "courageous" and held up as a heroic figure.

It is THIS PERCEPTION, THIS BELIEF, that drives Jenner, indeed all transsexuals to what some of us consider the edge of the behavioral envelope.

In contrast to this, Bigorexics are unanimously considered to be suffering from a mental illness.

"Whereas anorexics think they are too fat when they are actually too thin, bigorexics think they look puny when, in fact, they are muscular."
The fact that Bigorexics base their behavior on AN IDENTICAL PERCEPTION, A SINCERE BELIEF that their appearance belies their true self seems not to matter.

What's going on here? Isn't this all about what you believe?

What exactly is it that makes the beliefs of one group of people so "courageous" but the beliefs of the other a "mental illness?"


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Kendall Jenner has said publicly that she still calls her biological father, gasp... "Dad."

Similarly, Kendall's mother Kris refers to her ex-husband as "Jenner." Not a Caitlyn from either of them.

Yet another "thought crime" that will no doubt be referred to a Human Rights Commission in the near future.