02 July 2015

Way of the Eco Warrior

You can think with the "Big" head... or the "little" one...

Celebrity activist David Suzuki told a Prince Rupert audience last night that "an increase in the human population" was one of the factors impacting "climate change."

Suzuki is the father of five children.
And if you're gonna have more than one family, you need a place to put them, right?
It seems David Suzuki has expensive tastes for someone who wants to shut down the carbon economy within a generation. His primary residence is valued at around $8,200,000.00.

Suzuki owns four properties in some very exclusive areas. One of his properties includes part of an island he shares with an oil company, among others.
Who could be more qualified to lecture the hoi-polloi about wretched excess?


Anonymous said...

golly david. I guess when there is a ice sheet a mile thick and no one can live north of the 49th you will blame who, the dinos? hey, could happen, it happened before.

Anonymous said...

Well if Dr. Disaster is concerned he could shuffle off this threatened planet.

Neo Conservative said...

in spite of his longstanding inflexible position on zero population growth, the good doctor has an 8 million dollar home for his five kids.

no hypocrisy there, right?