27 July 2015

They could've had an astronaut...

...but no, they went with the space cadet...

Perhaps dumpster diving for "star" candidates does have a downside.

TORONTO — Conservative defector Eve Adams failed on Sunday in her bid to run as a Liberal candidate in the looming federal election.

The sitting member of Parliament, welcomed personally into the fold by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, was handily beaten for the party’s nomination in the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence by lawyer Marco Mendicino.
I guess Justin is so used to living on the dark side he couldn't discern Ms. Adam's deeply flawed character. He was able to ignore both the car wash incident and the sign-stealing mess.

Truth is, even Steffi Mouthmarbles would have stepped around this political punji pit.
At a guess, a search of Ms. Adams’s soul could be conducted in the course of your average smoke break, if not between cigarettes. Yet Mr. Trudeau professed to be delighted with his new recruit, as untroubled by her serial loyalties as by the voluminous baggage she brings.
I can't wait to see what Eve Adams, neophyte Green Party candidate has to say about Pierre Lite.

Remember, Shiny Pony... if they'll do it with you... they'll do it to you.


Anonymous said...

Sure he was delighted with Ms. Adams. She made him "feel good", I suppose. Liberals like their empty gestures..Empty head? No matter to Mr. Nice Hair. He also likes China's basic dictatorship though so here we have another glimpse into the Progressive mind.

Neo Conservative said...

people think that pspawn only has that part time drama teacher thing on his resume. not true.

he was actually appointed to be on the board of directors of katimavik, the youth programmme that sent kids to different parts of canada. that's where he really learned about living off the government teat.

it was the drama job (well, that and his royal dna) that made him so quailified to run for parliament.

people should be very afraid.


rstep2481 said...

Strategically, he needs all the support we can muster for him in order to maximize the internal damage he creates.
A flood of letters of support would help.
He is a priceless asset ...right where he is and doing what he does.