19 July 2015

Or you could keep it simple...

...just pay a hooker and make sure you glove up...wait a minute

"It was only matter of time before a mobile phone app was launched that lets people say yes to sex. The app is designed to make sure there’s no trouble between partners the morning after the night before, as they film themselves giving consent."
Now, this is just dinosaur me, but, here's a thought... if you feel the need to set up a contractual video agreement to avoid getting arrested for rape... maybe that should raise a red flag or three.

Or, you could maybe try actual dating with someone you actually KNOW, LIKE and TRUST? Just sayin'.


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Honestly, hon... that must be some other Rodney Q. Bartleson.

Looks like the whole Metrosexual-Hooking-Up-O-Sphere is in for a few sleep-with-one-eye-open nights.


Anonymous said...

Even simpler: just get married. A good Christian wife cannot say no.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... A good Christian wife cannot say no."

neanderthal much? blanket statements like that are just inflammatory nonsense.

i am pretty sure many wives, christian or not, can and do say no for entirely appropriate reasons. fatigue, especially after childbirth or a long day wrangling kids or a career... feeling physically unwell... i could go on.

unlike the islamic middle east, we in the west (yourself perhaps excepted) don't generally consider women to be just another material possession.

that being said, i'm an advocate of monogamous married relationships. better for kids, better for spouses.

here's some advice for prospective adulterers... if they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you.


Frances said...

Let me correct that for you, Anon: "A good Muslim wife cannot say no."

A good Christian woman can and will say no, and a good Christian husband respects his wife enough to accept that no graciously.

Neo Conservative said...