11 July 2015

Dear Toronto Star...

That's a pretty bold statement... especially in light of the fact that you then, professionally & journalistically, choose not to identify the cough, cough... "community" in question.

A trend known as “community guns” accounts in part for the level of gun violence in the city.
Of course, they're not shy about the "sky is falling" lede...
The latest crime numbers from Toronto police show Ross’ death is part of a larger spike in gun violence citywide. Shooting events are up 34 per cent, up from 92 to 122, over this time last year, and shooting victims are up 78 per cent.
Ah, shootings "citywide."

I guess we're talking about the community of man.


Allan Carty said...

And of course there's a problem with gun crime, and of course there's a problem with the police enforcing the law. Typical Toronto Star.

Neo Conservative said...

"allan carty says... of course there's a problem with gun crime..."

not a fan of the term "gun crime"... when a drunk driver kills another motorist or a pedestrian... do we call it "car crime?" you think there might be a reason for that?

and why is it that whenever some inner city aspiring rap prodigy gets smoked by, invariably, some other inner city aspiring rap prodigy with a chrome plated "community" snubbie originally stolen south of the border... the libs & dippers start shrieking about confiscating firearms from law-abiding farmers, hunters and target shooters?