15 July 2015

Dr Hope'N'Changelove

Uh, Barack, you're not listening... that's precisely what we're so afraid of...big bang on its wayYes, God Willing... or Inshallah as they say down at the mosque.


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You can tell a lot about a president by the people he pardons.


Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says...........oobama, so many criminals so little time.

Neo Conservative said...

trillion dollar deficit

recognise fidel castro's dictatorship & remove sanctions

get lois over @ irs to start pogrom on conservatives

enact mandatory obamacare (but exempt congress)

run away from middle east to avoid isis

change whitehouse language from islamic terrorists to enemy insurgents

widen nsa surveillance on american citizens

recognise terror-funding, nuke-seeking mullahs and release 140 billion dollars of iranian assets

ensure racial divide widens by constantly criticising cops & justice system

throw open borders to illegals & pardon drug dealers

retire to hawaii to avoid complete societal collapse

yup... it's all going to plan


jwkozak91 said...

Forgot: "get flexible with vlad then the bear runs wild".

And: "strongly-worded letter against dredging up islands in the south china sea, see trillion dollar deficit".

Neo Conservative said...

putin is overseeing a massive rebuilding of the russian military machine. he also plays by no ones rules but his own. with no pushback from the obama whitehouse, he has been consolidating his position around the world.

there's a fight coming... one we may not be able to win.