13 July 2015

Victimhood Inc.

Yet again... nuclear level social fallout from the "soft bigotry of low expectations"...
"Twenty-five years later, I expected to find a feel-good story of progress and success in Kanesatake. Instead I found a community struggling with poverty, lawlessness and bitterness."

"Ottawa says it spent $35-million to buy 177 properties in the area. Locals claim that members of the band simply grabbed houses at random. They live there with no certificates of possession and they pay no rent."
No wonder Canada's aboriginal hierarchy live in fear of federal audits. But wait, it gets better...
The band council discourages members from voting in provincial or federal elections. Its economy is driven by cigarette and alcohol sales, and gambling operations outside governments deem illegal but have been powerless to stop.
Honestly, this sounds less like an intentional community than an off-Broadway production of Grand Theft Auto V...
A community survey found the richest six per cent of the population made as much money as the bottom 50 per cent. And because taxation is a dirty word among First Nations, there is no mechanism to redistribute the wealth to ensure the entire community benefits.
And what's a decaying, dystopian criminal enterprise without an underclass to look down on...
Its membership law forces residents to leave the reserve if they marry non-natives — the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms be damned.
Forget about the Charter of Rights, this is cultural suicide.

Look, not my business, folks... but you might wanna ask the Hapsburgs about the end product of hundreds of years of inbreeding within a statistically limited gene pool. I will say, there are solid scientific reasons you don't continually marry people you're related to over hundreds of years. Hell, maybe David Suzuki could explain it better.

Of course, the race hustlers blame all the resultant misery on residential schools.

If that is so, why aren't the Japanese Canadian (interned during WWII) and Chinese Canadian (disposable industrial fodder for the railroad consortiums) communities currently mired in wretched drug & alcohol soaked ghettoes pursuing dead end criminal careers?

I don't get it.


LAST WORD: Say what you will...

I'm thinkin' this traditional huntin'-fishin' thing... is gettin' out of hand.
A massive police raid at three different Mohawk reserves in Quebec Wednesday morning netted $2.5 million in cash and a large firearms cache, including three grenade launchers.
Where's Wendy Cukier when you need her?