24 July 2015

Four years ago I asked...

"If every Canadian Senator who ever drooled between two lips... disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow... how exactly would your life be affected?"
Whatever the original founders intentions may have been (and, given the Family Compactish elasticity of conscience back then, I'm not so sure they were actually that admirable in the first place) the Canadian Senate has become a luxury retirement home for political bagmen and water carriers of all stripes. It's a golden handshake for the filthy-souled much-moneyed faithful and a lucrative landing field for failed political aspirants.

So, is it actually time for a life-saving amputation?


UPDATE: Misled by the media, yet again.

Unfortunately, this story turned out to be more Ferguson type fertilizer...
John Ivison is a master of satiating the narrative appetites of the moment, which is why he never seems to suffer any professional consequence for spreading the words of chronically wrong sources. The only true consequences, as usual, will be borne by a cynical public who are increasingly justified in believing little of what they read.
Hopes dashed, once more.


Frances said...

Problem is, Neo, that said amputation cannot be done without the consent of at least seven provinces representing 50% of Canadians. Nor can any other substantive change. The Supremes have so ruled.

Neo Conservative said...

an uphill battle, to be sure... but one that deserves to be fought.

the question is, does political expediency always trump doing the right thing?

i guess we'll see.