17 September 2006

The fact behind the statistics

The Liberals will try to tell you that the billion dollar Farmer Bob Rifle Registry saves lives.

That's just
not true.

Here's the real reason homicide rates in big Canadian cities aren't through the roof.

One had taken a gun blast in the head, others had gaping abdomen wounds, some oozed blood from their chest, and a number had limbs punctured by bullets. As of Saturday, none of the wounded had died but two remained in comas and were in critical condition in the hospital's intensive care unit.
From the time Level III Paramedics scoop the victims, stabilise them and race for the ER, until specially trained trauma teams of doctors and nurses split open and repair the damaged bodies, these people get the best medical attention available in the entire world.

There aren't fewer attempted murders in Canada these days... simply more people being saved by skilled medical intervention.

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Anonymous said...

So we have super doctors in Canada... riiiight (no pun intended).
I have a problem debating with right wingers more so then debating with left wingers. Left wingers actually are intelligent, they're just mis-guided. Right wingers are actually not that well educated and lack Honest Moral Values. I applaud right wingers for there stand on embryonic research. It's good that they have moral values that wish to protect our children (although it's an un-educated stance as the Embryos are actually already frozen and if not used are just thrown into the garbage). But then right wingers turn around and support un-needed wars sending our young men and women (barely into there adulthood and many still in there teen years) off to far distant lands to fight un-needed conflicts. They also don't support laws that are set in place to PROTECT our officers and our children (gun registry), and they also don't care that our military in Afghanistan were equipped for a rebuilding/peacekeeping mission and then send them off ill-prepared into full fledge combat to appease the Americans (whom then can withdraw troops there to enforce there forces in Iraq). So they claim to be pro-life, yet they're mostly pro-death and too cheap to actually try and prevent crime. They would rather lock them all up afterwards. Not I'm not going to be soft on the lefties. They too are hypocrites. They would rather rehabilitate (or so they believe) every criminal and spend ridiculous amounts on the prevention but not toughen up the laws in order to punish those whom the prevention fails to stop there crime spree's. Lefties also are for Embryonic research and abortions but against war. Both end up ending a life.
The answer is in MY own political stance. Which is honestly the pre-trudeau era Liberal Party of Canada stance. Centrist. TRUE Liberal. I believe Abortions should be legal but within limits, It should not be legal to use abortion as a contraceptive and should only be reserved to women whose lives are in danger, whose child is in danger of being born with an incurable deformative disease or in the case of rapes... I also believe that WARS should only be fought when we're attacked. Pre-emptive mentality goes against our Western Judicial beliefs. Which is innocent until guilty. And as for the subject of this post.. I believe we need to keep the Long Gun reguistry and include handguns. We need to toughen up our laws and increase our Violent Crime Prison terms as well. We NEED BOTH. The authorities need tools to fight crime and we need to give them the necessary tools without breaking our own laws. We also need to ensure that when our preventive measures fail that those found guilty (presumed innocent until found guilty of course) are sent to prison for REALISTIC amounts of time. Re-offenders should be judged on a case by case basis.
See how this ALL makes actual sense.. it's called a compromise. Conservatives are wrong as are the NDP and many of today's Liberals. When you side with an extreme opinion and view of the world.. wether it's on the left or the right.. you can rest assured that your narrow minded view of the world will affect your judgement.. which means.. you'll be wrong 50% of the time.

neo said...


Sweeping Generalisation Boy is back.