13 September 2006

Political Correctness, first concern

Police not releasing any useful information on Montreal shooting, but the "broad strata of society" message apparently has to be put out first thing.

That gunman is now dead, with police confirming they have no other suspects in what appears to have been a random incident.

"There is no racist connotation or no terrorist link as far as we know, we have no information that would allow us to believe that this is anything more than what we saw happen."
I'm willing to wait for the facts, Officer... please don't start revving up the PC spin machine and pretend you're telling me something.

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TonyGuitar said...

There will be much background to mull about before one can begin to understand what caused this fuse to blow.

The pundits will no doubt point to a series of failures and negatives that piled up upon this young dispaired soul.

Equally important may be the personal nature of someone who has such a vast need for general random revenge on living souls. = TG

Neo Conservative said...

when the authorities fire up the pre-spin... i always start to feel queasy. as they used to say on dragnet, just the facts ma'am.