03 September 2006

Kicking Tali-butt.

There will undoubtedly be many weepy, whiny Liberals & Dippers who will focus solely on the fact that 4 Canadian soldiers were killed Sunday in this opening phase of Operation Medusa.

KABUL (Reuters) - "Reports indicate that more than 200 Taliban fighters have been killed since Operation MEDUSA began early Saturday morning," a statement by NATO said, adding Afghan forces captured more than 80 other Taliban.

Four NATO soldiers were killed during Sunday's operations and seven others were wounded, the statement said, without elaborating on the nationalities of the victims.
No one would argue that these Canadian casualties are anything but tragic for their family and friends. But let's not overlook the fact that our soldiers laid a major case of whoop-ass on the Islamotards this weekend.

If these figures are accurate, in this single engagement the Canadians scored a 50 to 1 kill ratio over the Taliban. More importantly, at this very moment the bloody, demoralised Talib survivors who limped away from this battle, are no doubt still trying to figure out why Allah let them be beaten like a stubborn, lippy fourth wife.

So for all you lefty crybabies out there, let me try to put this into perspective. At the battle of Vimy Ridge, arguably Canada's greatest military victory ever (which some people claim is what forged our country's national identity) if Canadian troops had tallied this same kill ratio... there would have been 175,000 German bodies to bury.

Like their predecessors in battles past, if Canadian soldiers are ordered to fight, they will. And if they fight, they'll win.

So in between mourning the deaths of these stalwart men and women and second guessing the leadership in Ottawa, let's not lose sight of the fact that we're winning this thing.

SIDENOTE: What's the feeling in the military community?
At least two of the soldiers killed on Sunday were based in CFB Petawawa in eastern Ontario: Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish and Warrant Officer Richard Francis Nolan.

There are 5,000 military families at the base, and CTV's David Akin said that "you will hear nary a word of dissent about the nature of the mission from them here ... they are committed to it, and they realized the dangers and the risks.
UPDATE: 7:48 AM EDT 4 Sep 2006 - Another Canadian killed.

The "friendly fire" incident occurred at about 5:30 a.m. local time, when a U.S. A-10 Warthog airplane mistakenly fired on a group of Canadian vehicles during an offensive that included a barrage by jets and artillery.

Officials confirmed that one Canadian soldier had died and a number of others wounded. Initial reports suggest six were critically hurt, another six seriously and 12 were "walking wounded."
An unfortunate fact of life for soldiers, hence the expression, "the fog of war."

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Speller said...

The problem here is that our boys are worth far more than their boys are. Our soldiers are high school grads from families that have at most 2 children and theirs are illiterate stone age thugs from broods of 10 to 20 children.

50 to 1 isn't good enough for me. I'm not saying we shouldn't have our troops fighting in Afghanistan, but there will never be an end to this as long as the Taliban's Mujahadeen have a safe haven in Pashtun northwest Pakistan.

That's how Vietnam was lost. The Vietcong had safe havens in North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Everytime they got thrashed they withdrew to lick their wounds and ventured forth again when they felt strong enough.

We cannot maintain the political will to fight a war of attrition. They will always have more 7th century throwbacks to throw against our precious Canadian soldiers. We have got to take this to where they breed.

Neo Conservative said...


The best intelligence that we have says there are hundreds (not thousands) of hardcore Talib mounting the main resistance. If we just killed 200 and wounded even half that many again, we've done a significant thing here.

It is a war of attrition and they're feeling it worse than we are. We've had 31 killed in 4 years... statistically less than 8 per year.

You are 15 times more likely to be killed on the family farm in Canada... as killed in Afghanistan. See http://hallsofmacadamia.blogspot.com

Dave said...

This campaign to liberate this Taliban stronghold is becoming a great success.

As neo-conservative observed, let's keep a perspective on what militarily speaking are very low NATO casualties. Conversely, as also noted, the ratio of Taliban terrorists killed appears around fifty to one.

We're all are saddened by the fourteen British soldiers killed Saturday in the aircraft crash and the four Canadian soldiers killed.

We can honor their memory best, give their sacrifice the most meaning, by continuing to vigorously prosecute the war...to victory.

In the War on Terror and the liberation of Afghanistan (to borrow a quote from Abraham Lincoln), "By giving freedom to the oppressed, we also preserve freedom for the free; honorable alike in what is given and in what is preserved."

Ken said...

observation: by speller's logic we should never engage an enemy who is less civilized and less educated than us.

btw, have you fellers seen these videos of Canadian troops kickin' A$$?



btw, neo...excellent point about the moosehead.

Neo Conservative said...

under stephen harper the rules have changed. the liberals made decisions after polling the shit out of things and did what they thought would get votes. harper (whether you agree with his decisions, or not) makes decisions based on principle, and he's prepared to take the consequences. no pain, no gain.