08 September 2006

Brison full of, well... you know

Scott Brison is full of more than pain.

"Equality is not an esoteric issue for me," he told a cheering crowd of 300, in closing remarks during the debate on women's issues. "I understand what it means to be 16 and told you can't do something because of who you are. ... I understand the pain of prejudice and glass ceilings."
Apparently, Scotty forgot what year he was born.
He was 14 when the Trudeau government repatriated the Constitution and adopted the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation."
He's also a bit of a hypocrite.
He chose the Liberal party at 35 "because I have always believed in socially Liberal values."
So being a member of the Conservative Party until 35 years of age, was what... a schoolgirl crush?
He came out publicly in late 2003 (for Brison, there appears to have been stages of coming out) because "I didn't want to hide anything. It was an extra step, coming out officially was very positive."
That's also a little disingenuous isn't it, Scott?
He'd already been "outed" in Frank magazine, something he says didn't bother him because "I was never really in" the closet.
How can you be "outed" if you weren't in the closet? Can anybody else follow this trail of buffalo chips?

Let's not even get into his denials about tipping off a stockbroker buddy on the "income trust" decision. This guy is truly a piece of work.
When asked later whether he personally had a communication in which he might have speculated on the outcome without firm knowledge, Mr. Brison said "No," adding, "You're asking me something in terms of communication that I don't remember. I don't recall anything."

Mr. Brison also would not say whether he had been questioned by police. "I'm not going to comment," he said.
h/t to Norman Spector.

SIDENOTE: The good ship Brison had a small mutiny in the closing weeks of August.
Two senior members of Scott Brison’s campaign - his national director, Leslie Swartman, and a communications strategist, Susan Murray - have resigned within the last few weeks.

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