20 September 2006

Take me out to the...

... penitentiary.

OTTAWA -- The federal government is preparing three-strikes-you’re-out legislation that would make it easier to label criminals as dangerous offenders after a third serious conviction.
I can't wait for the howls of outrage from the Libs & the Dippers. This is why I vote Conservative.
The bill — part of the Conservative anti-crime package — will be tabled this fall, says Justice Minister Vic Toews. He says that after three convictions for violent crimes, people would have to prove to a judge why they’re not dangerous — which is a reversal of the traditional innocent-until-proven-guilty principle.

Toews says criminals should be presumed guilty — not innocent — after three such convictions.
Anyone who has committed THREE VIOLENT CRIMES is a menace to society. I have no problem with tax dollars being used to make the country a safer place.

And for all you fans of Taliban Jack, don't gimme some tear jerker about root causes.

The first duty of a civil society is not to pander to predators & sociopaths... it is to protect law abiding citizens.

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Fenris Badwulf said...

This is just an attempt by the Harper government to put more people of color in prison. Just you wait and see.

Neo Conservative said...

well, if you believed the liberal ads in the last couple of elections, ole steve was gonna buy a sixpack of aircraft carriers and then shoot you in the face... so i guess anything's possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow, simple minds make.. simple legislation. How can one decide what is and isn't a violent crime? Sending someone to prison will not rehabilitate that person. We Canadians need tougher sentences and laws but we also need clearer case by case laws. No two crimes are alike and thus we should treat every crime as a seperate entity. We need tougher laws to protect our children against Child Predators, we need tougher laws to protect our teens against gang related crimes. We need to be tougher on teenage criminals (especially those who commit serious crimes such as murder and attempted murder). But WE DO NOT NEED THIS LAW. In the USA, they claimed this law would only imprison violent criminals. But in the end many have been jailed 15+ yrs for a fist fight, or any other misdemeanor. Neo-Cons have a lack of vision for Canada. Harper loves the USA, he loves there system and he loves there current leader. Every single announcement coming out of his office has something to do with americanizing Canada. Last I heard we were our own independant/sovereign country. Yes, we need better ties with the USA... but doing so without turning into Americans ourselves. All those wanting that (a minority in Canada) should simply move to the USA.. because we Canadians are NOT going to allow that.

Neo Conservative said...

dear anonymous... i'm guessing the victims of a violent crime would have no trouble making the distinction. as for getting 15 years in jail in canada i have two words for you... karla homolka.