12 September 2006

Dippers continue slide...

... into lunacy.

How do you top kissing up to the Taliban? Yesterday I would have said, "No way, can't be done."

"Every day we are subject to what I consider a kind of sadistic pornography. Now I know it sells papers but every day we pick up the Star or the National Post or the Globe and we see the picture of Karla Homolka on the front cover," the release quotes DiNovo. "... it allows us to create a scapegoat, remember Jesus was a scapegoat, and just pour all our hatred and frustration on this one woman. How sick is that?"
So, does this mean we can look forward to seeing Karla running for the Dippers?

UPDATE: Who is Cheri Dinovo?
"I shared how I had first experienced the United Church because I was fed for free at Fred Victor Mission, and that I used to make my living selling drugs."
And she's connecting with kids, huh?
There was this silence and then one kid put his hand up and asked, "What drugs did you sell?" And I answered, "LSD that I imported in hollowed out Bibles (the first introduction I had to the Bible) and back then it was the good stuff, not the kind of crap you kids do."
The good stuff? She's telling kids she only sold the "good stuff"? I guess that's no wackier than her post-grad work.
Her doctoral thesis was entitled "Queer Theology, Queer Evangelism".
Good grief.

UPDATE: DiNovo replies to Lib allegations
"It's an attack on my faith," DiNovo said yesterday. "The message in that sermon was a message of regret for all victims of any abuse," DiNovo said. "Obviously (Homolka is) a serious predator who has preyed on innocent people."
UPDATE: Dinovo wins
The loss of the riding marks a stunning defeat for the Liberals, who won just under 58 per cent of the votes there in the 2003 election. The NDP and Progressive Conservatives each won about 16 per cent.

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Anonymous said...

Any doubt this was a UNITED CHURCH minister? Geesh.

Neo Conservative said...

well, not like she was an uncaring drug dealer... she only sold, "the good stuff"