05 September 2006

He shoots... he bores!

Liberal leadership candidate Ken Dryden comes out shooting... his mouth off.

"I don't believe we should start a pullout now. But we should start a very close re-examination of where we are and what we are doing," Mr. Dryden told reporters in Ottawa.
Man, I betcha Stephen Harper heard that... he's crappin' in his pants. So Kenny, when you gonna have at it; right now, next week? C'mon buddy, let 'er rip!
Mr. Dryden said the debate should take place in six months time.
Uhhh, Ken, that'd be next year sometime, wouldn't it? No matter, I bet you've got some irrefutably erudite, incredibly incisive questions to put out there... right?
"The question for us is the basic one: Whether we should be there in the first place."
Geez Kenny, you played most of your career with the facemask on, didn't you? If that's the big question, shouldn't you be talking to some higher ups in, well, you know... the Liberal Party of Canada?

I mean, seeing as they're the folks who ordered the troops over there in the first place.

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Shere Khan said...

Dryden should have stuck to hockey. I have lost alot of respect for this dude.

Neo Conservative said...

think maybe dryden's being sucked in by the "style over substance" thing. he can't imagine not providing a soundbite, even when he's running on empty. that's what i love about harper... sure he's a little stiff sometimes, but what he cares about is doing the job, not styling for his fans.