05 November 2012

J-School 101

You don't have any actual news... just keep digging...
what happened to actual news**********

FROM THE COMMENTS: Pearls before swine...

700 comments and counting... watch the lunatic left lose its collective hive mind... and the one sane person who puts them all in their place.


jwkozak91 said...

The top threats to the prime minister's safety in India that the media won't talk about (in order):

1.) Indian Tamils wanting revenge after Canada ignored the occupation of Parliament Hill and the Gardiner Expressway in the closing days of the Sri Lankan Civil War, and the deportation of the Sri Lankan Tamils from the migrant ship that reached BC a few months after the close of that war.

2.) Salafists and Deobandists funded by the Pakistani security services but not controlled by them.

3.) Sikhs still wanting an independent "Khalistan" - despite Stephen Harper's previous safe and successful visit to Armritsar's Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of Sikhism.

Neo Conservative said...

that's funny... the vast majority of the hooting & howling in the globe comments is the compassionate, intellectual left calling the prime minister names... and inferring that he deserves to be assassinated.