03 November 2012

CBC Exposed

"As a former National Reporter for CBC Television News, I can confirm Brian Lilley’s book is right on the mark. We used to call the executive building on Jarvis St. ‘the Kremlin’ for a good reason; the place was full of leftists."

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Lilley describes how the CBC, in the name of “freedom of expression” and “public interest,” destroyed the reputation and living of a respected cardiologist and researcher, Dr. Frans Leenen, by (as Lilley says) “making the interviews fit the story they had decided on before the project even began.”

The accusations against Dr Leenen aren’t the point — they occurred prior to 2000. Suffice to note that in court, Justice Cunningham said the CBC program characterized him “dishonestly and misrepresented his views” ... portrayed him as “a devious, dishonest, bumbling fool” when all the time they knew he was “a person of high integrity and reputation.”

Even when the court found in favour of Dr. Leenen and awarded him $950,000, the CBC appealed (incurring more legal costs that the public paid), and even then refused to apologize or admit error.

Lilly quotes Guy Fournier, former chairman of the CBC’s board of directors: “The CBC never excuses itself and never apologizes.”
Kill this boondoggle, or at the very least, make it pay for itself.


Anonymous said...

I’m no big fan of the CBC believe me. But the reality is that they are still here and probably always will be. Yep long after our friends at Sun News.

CBC is backed by the federal government who keeps pumping money into them. Sun News is back by SierraSil and Christian Mingle dot com.

Sun News is good but the I’m kinda getting sick of hearing the same old omar khadr story, how we need property rights so we can kill intruders, how horrible the occupy movement is and how corrupt the CBC is. It was great tho when Ezra went to the CBC with the life preserver!!!!!!! Loved it.

Look, before you dump all over me I’m just saying that Sun News has a long long way to go before they even come close to achieving the success CBC has. Like it or not, the majority of Canadians support the CBC. Yeah that’s the majority that voted for our majority government.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... how we need property rights so we can kill intruders"

uh, nonny... who exactly is saying this? pls enclose a source url.

and your other premise... that people voted in a conservative government just to preserve the cbc... that's beyond laughable.

thx though for playing.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you actually understood the comment above-it certainly wasn't saying people voted conservative to keep the cbc.

But I'd go even further than he would-I'd be all for abolishing the CBC IF we actually had a functional media. The idea that Sun is any different than Fox is pretty laughable. In many ways its worse.

Much of their reporting is just awful, Ezra Lavant is outright crazy, and they are hypocritical to the extreme. And they use public airwaves, so they ARE subsidized, certainly not as much as the CBC.

But I've read several critical books on the CBC, most are pretty tame criticisms. I haven't read this one, I don't buy books, I guess I"m a 'leftist' because I use libraries (it isn't at our library, I wonder if thats a conspiracy?) So far the only example is a biased Fifth Estate story. Given the nature of the Fifth Estate its not surprising that ONE of their stories would have this result.

But I do think its an important story. Its one thing to fund CBC programming, its another to fund their legal team. Keep in mind though that a policeman can beat the heck out of somebody and YOU still have to pay the legal costs of his defense.