09 November 2012

From Greece to the Governator...

Moneyball & Blind Side author Michael Lewis hits another one out of the park...
california is worse off than greeceRead this book and then try to justify "spending your way out of a crisis."

"Yet in his new book both the details of Lewis’s reportage and the big picture look unanswerable. Few who read Lewis’s account of his trip to Greece — where tax evasion is a birthright, where civil servants get paid for 13 or 14 months a year to evade salary limits, where the first thing a government does in election years is to pull its tax collectors, where a mob prevents cruise-ship passengers from disembarking and spending — will put “Boomerang” down with any doubt about whether that nation will default on its debts. The numbers involved in the catastrophe facing Greece and other at-risk countries are not just baffling, they’re ridiculous."
The interview with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth the price of the book alone. This should be required reading for anyone seeking political office.


MadTrucker said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the book Neo, gonna be reading that one for sure.

Neo Conservative said...

it's an eye opener.

you wanna invest smart these days, stick with guns and gold.