06 November 2012

Ask a Journo-Canadian

NEWSFLASH: Stephen Harper orders jewel-encrusted throne made of human skulls...
more headliesOh my gawd...

"Back in the late 1980s, the purchase of this jet was criticized by opposition politicians who charged the plane was too extravagant. They dubbed it the 'Taj Mahal.'"
I'm shocked and appall... wait a minute...
The 25-year-old Airbus 310 resembles a normal passenger plane except for two small cabins that have cushioned bench seating outside them.
So the screamin' headline here is, well... a partisan political lie. Which the Globe chooses to splash across their bleeding edge "samosa" report.

Trouble is, you have to wade through a pile of nonsensical shite to get to that little fact

Shouldn't the headline here be about Liberal dishonesty? Ask your ethical & intellectual superiors at the Globe & Mail.


AND GEORGE BROWN WEPT: Facts? What facts?
just the factsThat'd be the guy who wrote the headline, right?


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...where is the Globe on Liberal poohbahs?
Less than two months after stepping down as Canadian prime minister -- a job he left to Maurice Strong protégé Paul Martin -- Chrétien was back in China tending business interests.

"Chrétien was hosted by the state-owned China International Trust and Investment Group Corp. (CITIC), which is the communist regime's most politically connected financial and industrial conglomerate." (Asian Pacific Post, Feb. 19, 2004).

CITIC is a sort of Power Corp., Orient style.

With an estimated asset base of $48-billion, CITIC is among the world's largest corporations with 44 subsidiaries and banks including those in Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

This is a corporation that maintains close ties to the dreaded Peoples Liberation Army, and which answers directly to China's top ruling political leaders.
You think Jean Chretien and Maurice Strong are travelling around the Orient in a leased Twin-Otter?