05 September 2018

Those Homicidal Hogtowners

Mom... can I have kevlar for Christmas?insert alt text here

"At some point, as the male victim attempted to get off the streetcar, police say he was stabbed. The suspects, identified as 22-year-old Gumercindo Diaz and 23-year-old Emanual Ortez-Escobar, both of Toronto, have been charged with attempted murder and assault."

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Toronto resident Abdihakim Saeed, 20, is facing various gun-related charges after allegedly shooting himself while at a restaurant in Scarborough and then crashing his car when he tried to flee the scene.
Remember... "diversity is our strength."


LAST WORD: Scarborough, Scarborough...

...that sounds so familiar...
"A middle-aged woman who was critically injured by gunfire in a Scarborough home Tuesday night will never walk again, sources say. Toronto Police say the victim was shot in the basement apartment of a bungalow on Birchmount Rd. near Laura Secord Walk, north of Lawrence Ave. E., just after 10 p.m."
One person is in hospital following a shooting at Sheppard Avenue East and McCowan Road. in Scarborough Wednesday evening. Police said between four and 10 shots were heard before a vehicle was seen fleeing the area.


Canadianna said...

Scarborough is a big place and they're managing to shoot and stab in every part of it.

Neo Conservative said...

scarborough is no longer suburbia...
it's dotted with third world enclaves
that too often embrace the old world
values of the new residents. violence
seems to be a legitimate option for
too many of these communities.