02 September 2018

Barack Oblabber and guns

Researcher apparently pulled 31 percent figure out of his ass...

A widely-popularized study adopted by the Obama administration claiming the U.S. has by far the most mass public shooters in the world has been criticized and dismissed by new research.

After crunching the numbers, Lott concluded in his study that the U.S. accounts for less than three percent of the world’s mass public shootings over a 15-year period – between 1998 and 2012.

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MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH: Torontonians R Resiliant
A man believed to be in his 20s is dead following a shooting in the area of Sewells Road and McLevin Avenue in Scarborough.


Canadianna said...

Did you read about the stats for school shootings and how skewed they were? Stupid shit. People already know that any school shootings is a bad thing-- you don't need to inflate it to get attention.

Malvern... close to home. Five minutes north of me. They're closing in.

It's funny though... I don't feel unsafe. I'm angry about it, but I feel like it's separate from me. Is that bad?

Neo Conservative said...

i pulled up stakes in toronto when my
son was ready for school. couldn't
see living in an urban meat grinder.
wouldn't have forgiven myself if
anything had happened to him.

it was a good decision... they'll
bury me out here. of course, as
soon as it came time for university
he was back in toronto. but i felt
i did my part.


Canadianna said...

I've lived in Scarborough my whole life and my four kids were raised here. You put up those stats yesterday, and honestly, I was shocked. I had about three years in the 90s when I lived outside the city and when I came back it seemed to have roughened up. But once I got rooted again, I guess I stopped noticing. It's just home.

Neo Conservative said...

"I guess I stopped noticing. It's just home."

until one of your kids catches a stray in the
back of the head. my son was in the mcdonalds
at downtown where the dude stumbled in after
being stabbed about 17 times.

there's an eye opener.

remember... somebody always wins the lottery.