07 September 2018


what could possibly go wrong?insert alt text here

"HER penis was erect and sticking out of the top of HER trousers.”

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"Make pussy hats but with big willys coming out the top. More inclusive."
Problem solved.


Frances said...

If "she" has full wedding tackle, she's a HE!!

Neo Conservative said...

not according to the social justice warriors.


Canadianna said...

When is the pushback coming on all of this? This is so anti-woman. Women in prison and shelters are already vulnerable and voiceless. They cannot advocate for themselves and the women who are part of the ruling elite are too woke to stand up for these poor souls against this rubbish.

Neo Conservative said...

i remember thinking, if, as the popular thinking
among today's social justice warriors goes... you
are a woman if you believe you are... no operation
... what man is going to opt for a male
only prison, when he can go to a female only


Anonymous said...

old white says--------------------I got nothin. Jeez, stupid is running rampant.