06 September 2018

News organisation that consistently...

...refuses to publish physical descriptions of urban shooting suspects accuses Canadian military of being "too secretive."

Here's a question... why isn't CBC investigating "fake news?"

In short, there is no surge in crime guns that can be traced back to licensed Canadian gun owners. None. It’s just not there. The Toronto Police Service’s own statistics show no such surge.

Do our political leaders know they’re reacting to a story with bad information? Perhaps the more depressing question is whether they’d care if they did.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says------------------the CBC doesn't grasp the fact that special forces operate under levels of security that those bozos are not allowed or able to penetrate.

Neo Conservative said...

for cbc, anything on the conservative
side of the political spectrum, be it
Stephen Harper, cops, military... is
always gonna be satan.

it's hardwired into them.