14 November 2017


allahu akbarbie

“It’s something I wear like I wear a shirt or I wear pants,” she said, adding that she hoped children would “take it off and try it on their other Barbies.”

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"The niqab is no more an article of clothing than a KKK costume. Both are cause-rooted uniforms, draped over clothing, designed to embody a strong message."

"If she is undressed, as the father in the house, you will have to kill her. How else can the "honor" of your family be regained?"


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............every time i see a female dressed in muslim garb i see a woman who believes that her religion says that i can be killed for not believing what she believes. that is fact, not fiction.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still waiting for hiv positive south african barbie... comes with a suitcase full of anti-retroviral meds.