12 November 2017

$58 trillion needs to be invested...

...in the "War on Carbon Dioxide"...liar,liar

So, if my math is correct, we are being asked by Tom “Rhymes with Liar” Steyer and his green rent-seeking pals and the one world government freaks at the UN to gamble the equivalent of 290 Apollo Missions on the unproven theory that CO2 acts as the control knob for global climate.

Does that sound to you like good value for money?
For the record, two years into this madness, Canada's CO2 emissions are still going up. Turn's out, Donald Trump was the only sane, honest man in the room.


Martin said...

People should be asking what are the tangible,measurable guide posts along the way for X $ Trillion expended by country. Closer to home, K. Wynne wishes to be reelected, yet she cannot point to any guide posts for the + 15 $Billion Ont has spent last decade on the Green Energy Act, and various Climate programs. Shouldn't the ave Ont temp be declining? Strange that no one ever poses this question to her. No matter how many billions are collected in Ont's carbon tax, or how much is expended, the weather will pretty much act independently.
It's like asking a holistic masseuse after 10 months treatment for a bad back, " Shouldn't it be getting better"? When you sign up with such a healer it is for life, similarly signing on to carbon tax scheme to manage climate is for life, either yours or maybe the Province's.

Anonymous said...

Well, I look at Carbon Taxes as a Tax on Life. You breathe in 0.04% CO2 & then exhale 40.0% CO2 through the process of oxidation via the lungs. CO2, like when burning coal is a function of oxidation. Burn coal, spew out CO2. There, now we tax you on doing that. Want the tax to go away, then ban yourself, ie DIE.

They want you dead so they can strut around virtue signalling to each other at climate conferences. These people are brain dead & so are the ones voting for them.

See those carbon taxes on your bills? Add 'em up & deduct them from your income tax return as a "cost of doing business"....ie living & working. The CRA will spend an inordinate amount of time & money & man power chasing you, fining you, extracting interest & whatnot to penalize you for being creative on taxation matters. Should take them about a year to even get to your case, if I go by my experiences with them, then it will take about a year before they get really annoyed because you haven't complied, but by then several million other taxpayers have shown up doing the same thing.

The government will then recognize that they have a serious compliance problem & a tax revolt. Any reputable opposition Party should get elected by claiming to eliminate the carbon tax. Problem solved. Fire half of CRA for being thugs.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............i said a tax on every breath you breathe is a tax on our very existence. once more with feeling CANADIANS ARE STUPID.

Neo Conservative said...

climate barbie almost peed herself when syria signed on... then remembered they were a despotic, genocidal regime. this liberal government is amateur hour all around.